Substance and love in the end which is more important

Shanhun prerequisite condition of abundance
Rich in material conditions is one of the essential flash marriage, otherwise, what marry, what life? But there are material conditions will be able to flash marriage succeed? Rich material conditions so that a younger generation of us simply do not know the hardships of the planned economy era fathers life. Material wealth, but also to us from the past that the marital relationship of his life feeling rationing. Simplify formalities of marriage, but also provides us with easier access to "Fortress Besieged" convenience. Many men and women think that marriage is easy, simply do not value marriage, so too rich material conditions of men and women also became shanhun easily separate reasons.
Do not love passing (Source: canopy)
Flash marriage is more important is not to love passing
Compared with the grandparents generation marriage, marriage seem to have a modern sense of fear. In the past, marriage is so simple, as long as parents to enrich people, married, men and women involved in the wedding night, only to meet, to work life. This is faster than the flash marriage family Oh!
Even before the marriage can not met, got married and now why not? Modern people have become cautious? Modern people do not trust each other? Or the modern fear of a failed marriage?
Remember your favorite window favorite article of clothing, but it is too expensive and leave the scene it? When you feel that you have dreamed this dream dress, and go to the store to buy, the salesperson told you have sold out, how much you regret the time ah? While my wife and clothes can not be equated, but the truth is the same. Like, do not miss it.
What potential flash marriage (Source: canopy)
What potential flash marriage?
The balance in the marriage, if placed end feeling, placed at one end of time, in order to ensure the quality of emotion, people generally increases chip time. But now as the flu spread in the city like the "flash marriage" phenomenon, but leading a new trend of breaking this balance: one side is feeling a sharp bend, one side is under extreme time pressure, balance bouncing marriage, the parties still " Raise the Red Lantern ", described as a" game of the brave. "
Sharp passion collision between calcium carbide fire, a moment of sexual gratification eachother, all this really is enough to illuminate the road leading to marriage? Trek so many people on a journey of love, in the original fireworks gorgeous bloom, why still close hand and choose to continue to test each other? Vivre and I, in the blessing, "flash marriage" for the joy really can withstand the invasion of wind and rain?
As a "Jumanji" flash marriage family must have great wisdom: first of all have "one see the whole picture," the skill, "time will tell" is too late, we must completely within three to five strokes to break the opponent, or you really dare to commit out?
There must be "tempered into a steel" qualities (Source: canopy)
Secondly, there must be "tempered into a steel" qualities, obscured marriage, marriage will certainly have the opportunity to be exposed, regret is useless, that carry on carrying it; finally, to be able to "afford to lose", if unfortunate became the "flash marriage" of the victim, it should have enough capital to pay the bill himself. So the "flash marriage" is good, but not everyone can afford to play in.
Moreover, the "brave" need to know is that the "flash marriage" and then "flash", it is also a formal marriage, the marriage must face the responsibility for complying with the rules. "Flash marriage" is not a one-night stand, night stand roadside weeds, and "flash marriage" is to happen to the home of flowers. Therefore, the "flash marriage" can not discarding, nor profane into Loushuifuqi.
"Flash marriage" on the "flash marriage" it, since we are so busy, the two sides have put a "brick wall does not turn around to look," the posture. But still on the "brave" who may feel curious: Do they really have never ceased to be even a bigger love shrink? Or say things they really bearish marriage is equivalent to "Bottom, a study of" game? "Love isblind" (Love is blind), may only use this sentence to make explanation.
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1, the time when women ask men feel has been blamed
Figuratively speaking, when women ask men, "Where have you been today?" When, in fact, the ability to ask a casual, but men will think it is a challenge, even if very weak, but will feel "is not to blame I am. "
If the answer after the men said, "to have a drink to socialize," and women are more will return an "Recently a lot of entertainment, ah," then the male brain circuits is the "ah, it really is to blame me ah." The same problem may also have a different answer, but is the kind of man would think of other people's problems is questionable biological, and treatment is not, this is no way to do.
He wants to prove himself "very honest"
2, men always want to prove themselves "very honest"
Male way of thinking very own style, their brain circuits so that they always want to prove that he was "honest." This self-integrity doctrine thinking determines the way of doing things, such as when there is something to drop, they will first think of "Who put this in!" Exclude themselves "perpetrators", then something angry. This is a very common picture of it. This is called the doctrine of self-integrity, always want to emphasize that they are not bad, and thus determine the next move.
By the same token, when the men in the fight, but also less likely to eat their words. Deep down even they know their own right, do not want to apologize, because this will make to create their own image shattered integrity.
Men stairs to the next fight is smart way
3, to be wise men stepped fight mode
Male figure out these little thoughts, women in such cases there should be different treatment approach that leave room for a negotiated settlement. Or before that example, women do not say it should be "a lot of recent entertainment ah", that is, but a vague answer, "Oh," is better.
Of course, if you want a good exchange of views, we reached a perfect solution, such a dialogue is no effect, but if you say something innocuous seek temporary power and prestige, it will ultimately lead to quarrel. So, give men leave the steps, is wise to avoid pointless bickering road.
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Those who hold this opinion of the majority of people. "One day a lot of eye contact back" "Even very far away, you will feel the other has been with the eyes of his own" when eye contact and so on. Times when contacting different from the usual, it will make men feel each other may like yourself. There are men, "said with a very serious look to see here, I felt particularly strongly." Men will observe each other's face to determine whether the other side they have a special feeling.
Love 2 When you see the "time to see his other expression of excitement" when
"When he had entered her field of vision, I saw the other side heartfelt smile," "very happy to see each other and themselves and greet at heart will guess whether the other side of their intention to" and so on. Elated to see each other on their own way, I doubt that the other party is not to feel good about themselves. Many men have boasted that he see through each other's face from the other side if they are interested, I hope they are not wishful thinking. But once in love with a man, woman covered will emit an unprecedented nourishing qualities are love, infected with the people around you.
"Particularly large number of text messages sent and reply very fast, the article is not short," "They talk in text messaging in full swing, I can not stop feeling" and so on. Via SMS to interact with each other, so that men had a premonition that love coming. In particular, the initiative to man texting, but also make them feel the other is close to their own initiative.
"One day, she suddenly gave me a nickname, and the nickname has been used to call me, and it would feel closer to the distance between two people." "When she asked me, do not name, what others call the time, I think she may be interested in me, "and so on. Many men have said, when the other party with a special way to call their own and they will feel that the other side is that they have a special feeling. Not like the others first names, with a special call, as if two people agreed only belong together, like a secret, this time is no ordinary friend so simple.
"When you hear the other side say it in love and wanted to hurry up and saw that a serious expression really make a move in mind," "When the girls said to me, do not have a boyfriend, and then asked me if I had a girlfriend when I was I think what the other party may suggest their own "and so on. When the girl emphasize their single, and care about each other there is no like people, it will make a man feel that this is a girl in love signals emitted. This method may also be time to explore sisters with each other if there is development, frequently used.
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"When people around them say, feeling the two of you are in harmony, hearts will little happy about." "When an objective assessment, that the two of us is very appropriate, I believe the other side should also show an interesting to me, we will not say The "and so on. This recognition is obtained from the surrounding catalyst budding love. When not sure of the other's mind, when insinuations from around bring the parties to give confidence.
"After work home, she was always with me. In fact, she seems to be deliberately waiting for me." We went to sing, I'm going to the supermarket to buy you something to eat, she was always very positive to say and I went together, Whatever the after party, will closely follow me around, unknowingly become lovers of the "and so on. Indeed, if given the chance to be alone, away from the heart will be continuously shortened. If one of the girls again positive take the initiative, then the relationship between two people can become clearer.
"Just wanted to say for a moment, then, unknowingly talked into God send text messages after the home has been felt with her there is endless talk about the topic," "I want to talk not just go on, and the other to me this feeling, so I feel like her have been together, "and so on. The first is the beginning of love from the chat, when each other how to find and talk not tired when the little flame hearts slowly began a prairie.
"Interrogation of her sisters when although I think a little trouble, but my heart is still very happy." "When her best friend told me that she always said my thing recently in front of friends, I think I should be action "and so on. Once a favorite of the girls from men around them learned the other side of their intention to, they like being into the infinite energy, like, swept away before slow, quick into action.
How, see the voices of men, ladies and sisters recall their behavior, it is not already put your mind to convey to the other side out. Sometimes men also refused because of fear, afraid of hurting face, only reluctant to act, perhaps his mind already interested in you, how to inspire his action depends on your efforts myself.
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First, to love and lose self-esteem
Story Playback: In a heavy rain in the evening, Mandy can not wait for a taxi, she stood in despair. Suddenly a taxi stop, the driver rolled down the window, said:. "Mr. car that can give you a ride" car man from the east to the west to send her, in this journey, Mandy She met the love.
Mandy always thought that this little 5-year-old than her man, is the gift that God has given her. Mandy crush on him, almost no self-esteem. Love her hands naturally took over from his mother take care of his baton, he wash a pair of socks from the beginning, the development of the laundry, wash the sheets, clean the house, taking out the trash, cook dinner, and finally upgrade to a full-time nanny.
While Mandy's boyfriend become increasingly dependent care, but his eyes are more fixed on those who are not skilled in cleaning the room but elegant style of conversation talented woman. Mandy felt her love an atmosphere.
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Story Playback: "! You tired, that breaking up good." gas to cast off the phone, and my heart silently count the numbers, waiting for the phone to dial her boyfriend again calls for mercy. Every argument when it comes to breaking up, surely he should talk to her apology, good words good words to coax her. But this time is somewhat different. Half an hour later, the phone rings never sounded. Zhao Juan anxious, some faint sense of foreboding.
Until the next day, her boyfriend or not a phone call, it seems that this time he seriously. How to do? When she is so aggressive, aggressive people's phone hung up, she took the initiative to summing face where to put. In case let him taste the sweetness of a tough stance, in the end after all a hard, every time that she would not quarrel worse? So bet the air, I did not expect their romance therefore a stop.
The passage of time, they have openly talked once, Zhao Juan discovered that the original was also disturbed by the other party. Since breaking up with her again and again, he figure out what time she was in the end times is really what is false, and finally that he thought she really gave up.Story Playback: Lily is a real estate company's chief financial officer, working pressure and responsibility is very great. Boyfriend is a small civil servant, he never seemed to realize her heart to withstand the workplace stress, but peace of mind to make arrangements for all the chores they were about to get married. His love of the Immaculate Conception, is guarding a family of two people to live happily. Lily knew her boyfriend is the best candidate for husband, but his stiff she also veiled, she always expect him to be a little flexible and romantic, but he remains unchanged.
Later in the fitness club, Lily met a fitness coach. He has a strong build body, abundant energy, caring gentle words, it seems that everything is so perfect, even in bed. Lily thought he found true love.
Can live three months later, Lily finally understand that this man loves her body, and she loves is his body. Like credit card machines, when not washed each other's body, and when it is no longer dumped out. However, all too late, she had his child, but he had disappeared, even the phone number is also replaced.
Why love becomes fragile, because of the distance of love, has deviated from the healthy track, distance is no longer a heart to another heart, but a desire to distance another desire. Faced with resistance, silly woman always go to extremes, that he should not wait to love devotion. In fact, men for their care and love of women, will be holding for some time, they like to have the challenge of the pursuit of game.
If you take the initiative to send home, it is to reduce your position in his mind. So, when you find yourself on his love remains skeptical, please stop him untie your clothes.,158139

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