Sleeping diet

Sleeping diet principles
1. sleep more, eat less
Believe it or not, when you feel tired, you will eat more. When women are deprived of sleep, the body will lead to increased growth hormone, which is what we call the leptin, leptin levels rise, you will appetite will naturally consume more calories a. So when you sleep time increased, but also will reduce the calorie intake Oh!
2. The more sleep, less fat accumulation
Adequate sleep can promote metabolism to eliminate swelling, stimulate growth hormone, to guide the body fat into energy, so it can easily maintain a slim figure. The human body during sleep, the body tends to slow mechanisms operate, but metabolism is still ongoing, accumulate in the body can continue to burn calories, will naturally reduce the fat accumulation, oh!
3. sleep more energy will be more vigorous
Sleep more, of course, will energetic, for this is the known fact. But, in fact, it is energetic can help you lose weight. Because when you are energetic, you will be more willing to spend more time to exercise, calorie consumption so there would be more.
What kind of sleep can help to lose weight
1. The schedule law
Many young people now work schedules are very irregular, especially on the weekend or holidays, always like to stay up late stay up late. This is a very healthy lifestyle, can prevent sleep weight loss results. To have a good sleep and rest time must be adjusted, and must be regulated. Whether at work or rest, rest time must develop good habits.
2. Appropriate exercise
Exercise is the best way to lose weight, in order to crush good night sleep quality, small advice that you can exercise in the afternoon workout, afternoon regular aerobic exercise to improve the quality of sleep at night is helpful.
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Dinner is best to eat four hours before bedtime. In addition to dinner, it is best not to eat supper. Bedtime eating and drinking has always been taboo to lose weight, but also drink water. In addition, some have to change to change bad habits, such as eating out like Internet TV, it is very easy to accumulate fat, but eat too much before going to sleep, it is easy to make people excited, more difficult to sleep, This will directly affect the sleep slimming effect!
Slimming beauty sleep tips
1. efforts to increase sleep time
Try early end to work at night, for example, send an email to a friend or cleaning the living room of hygiene, which allows you to get more sleep. The need to encourage to encourage? If you increase the hours of sleep a day (for example, say, a 6-7 hours sleep at night), you can subtract 14 pounds of fat a year.
2. It is time to remind ourselves to sleep
You can not control what time his wake (7:30 am damn alarm clock!), But you can set the alarm way, remind yourself it is time to sleep, let the brain and body to get sufficient rest. Alarm clock can also tell you to sleep.
According to the time you have to get up, minus 7.5 hours, you can set your alarm clock. So, if you want to get up at 7:30 in the morning, then you have to set a good alarm clock at 0:00 (or set one hour earlier, then you can prepare early, relax relaxation), it is time to remind ourselves bed.
3. Eat some "sedative"
You can try to intake of calcium and magnesium, which can soothe the nervous system, they have the effect of natural sleep. Intake may be: 600 mg of calcium, and magnesium is 400 mg.
4. bring darkness
Dark, quiet and cool (temperatures between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit) in the environment is the best sleeping environment. In addition, the light will make people sober, you want to make sure there are shades or curtains (or a cover goggles) Dangqu light. If you can, you want to remove the room emitting electronic equipment, such as televisions and computers. Darkness allows the body prolific melatonin, the hormone can promote sleep.
5. Adopt comfortable way
Pressure will make the rest of your mess. More practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, image-guided, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation exercises, can de-stress and return to sleep. Or, you can listen to soft music at bedtime, a hot bath. When you relax the whole person, heart rate and breathing will slow down, allowing the body to prepare to enter sleep.
Correct posture weight loss of sleep
1. Fetal type (41%)
Sleeping posture can relax muscles, internal organs such as the heart, gastrointestinal tract and bladder oppression least. However, when you sleep on their backs, because the base of the tongue to relax after a fall, and plug the throat, affect airway patency.
2. roundwood type
When sleeping on one side of the body implantation, hands close to the body. This easy-going personality type person, like to stay in the crowd, would trust a stranger, but could easily deceived.
3. eager type
Yoga sleepers: during sleep are stretch their limbs. The type of people like fashion, taste, and enjoys a very comfortable life. Slim body belong.,155430

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