Most weight loss aerobic exercise have?

Burn calories: 464 cards / hour (to go through weight-bearing vest)
Burn calories:
When Rush put on a weight-bearing vest that can help you burn 10% more calories. Weight-bearing vest loaded up to about 36 kg of weight, these weight-bearing objects into a block, can be directly installed in the vest pocket.
The effect of weight-bearing vest tied sandbags than in the legs or hands dumbbell good, good for fitness to control the body's posture. For security reasons, weight load should not exceed 20% of body weight.
If you do not like this method of weight, you can also try to shake the hands of two pole. Although they weigh only 0.5 kg, but it can help you burn 20 to 25 percent of calories, and no side effects.
Rush calories consumed 30 minutes: 211 cards
Put on weight vest 30 minutes walk consumed calories: 232 cards
Calories consumed 30 minutes holding pole walking: 253 cards
6. Mountain
Burn calories: about 400 cards / hour
Climbing both physical, but also cultivate people's sentiments, it is a good fitness program. Climbing is aerobic exercise, make the muscles get 10 times higher than normal oxygen, so that proteins in the blood increase, increasing the number of immune cells, strengthening the immune system, help the body of carcinogens, harmful substances, toxins excreted . While promoting metabolism, accelerate fat consumption, and therefore also climbing shaping effect. Skinny beauty is a woman who was once the pursuit, but with the development of aesthetic, hourglass figure more popular. Hourglass figure refers to the shoulder, chest, hips, waist slim stature. A survey shows that 72% of men are interested in women for small waist and round hips of a large chest. Voluptuous hourglass rather than slim, to meet the male to female fantasy. Chest, waist and hips are prominent parts hourglass figure, in order to cultivate an hourglass figure you have to start from these areas, specifically how to do it? Small series have strokes, to when the hourglass beauty MM who quickly react it!
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First, I learned one pair of good "chest" device
The first one breast
Breast 1
Hands, elbows bent at 90 degrees open, lift and chest parallel position to make palm outward display, elbow circle back, repeat 10 times to each.
Breast second measure
Breast 2
Qu hand chest raised his hands after bending palm on the back of the head, elbow and ear balance begins to inhale, then exhale, upper body movement to the left, recently moved to the extreme position and then slowly back in place Then inhale, exhale slowly, allowing the upper body to the right after moving to slowly return to the extreme position in situ, this group action to repeat 10 times.
Breast third measure
Thin waist Action 3
Inhale, standing upright, his hands bent at 90 degrees, two elbow and palm try to complete contact, to within the force. Slowly exhale, his hands began to move upward to the highest, to maintain action for about 10 seconds, repeat 10 times.
Second, the bucket back say bye
The first trick thin waist
Thin waist Action 1
Large font standing, feet apart, hands extended to cross; his hands straight up together, feet remain intact; front left foot into the cross-step, holding his hands together; the upper body to the left turn, until you see the right heel, holding This action 3-5 seconds.
The second measure thin waist
Thin waist Action 2
Feet slightly open, stand upright posture, breathing; hands open, twisting the upper body to the left, left to right knee at the institute. Twisting operation cycle 3 to 5 times, to keep the balance; while breathing while restored to its original position. Reforming posture, breathing, and then for the other side.
The third measure thin waist
Thin waist Action 3
1/3 sitting in a chair in front edge, thighs parallel to the ground, legs about 90 degrees with the ground; with the power of the stomach, so that knees legs lifted up, hands gently help at the knees, body tight, you can feel the contraction of muscles around the navel.
    Third, refused flat buttocks
The first one hip
Hip Action 1
Supine on the ground, knees fight rope raised, knees bent at a right angle; the use of the knees in the air, circle, clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times; Zhang Kaiping put his hands affixed to the legs together, knees bent 90 degrees.
The second measure hip
Hip Action 2
Lying on the mat, face up, feet under the direction of the head as much as possible to bend, it is best to touch the ground, so it will stick to hip muscle contraction.
The third measure hip
Hip Action 3
Hold both ends of the dumbbell with both hands, and care in the chest, feet slightly apart; the upper body to remain intact, left rear leg kneel, bend left leg along, was lunge, reset switch legs and repeat to 15- 20 as a group, do a total of 2 groups.,153281

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