Experience healthy weight

Writing this essay, is hope everyone to exercise to lose weight, I will tell you my experience, so that we can be healthy and beautiful woman and mom.
From the human menstrual cycle, the 26-year-old woman's body functions begin to decline, which I fully understood.
From the age of 26, I began to gain weight from 95 pounds all the way to rise to 116 pounds, had a very round face on the big, fat is even more ugly.
Looking past their own photos concise, guarding a lonely life, determined to start losing weight.
In the diet I did not try to control myself, because I need to work, need to think, dieting makes me mental retardation. I also firmly believe that he will certainly want to eat their own needs. Only thing I made an adjustment, that is the amount of a bowl of rice every meal, I used to eat two bowls of.Customized Fat Loss
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Speaking of sports, I can not swim, several summer school, do not learn because of fear. So this is the best exercise to lose weight I can not do.
Grad insisted year running, but the legs become strong. After the work place to live no running space, this relatively simple exercise can not do the.
Fortunately, in graduate school when winter quarters JM and I have participated in an aerobics class, one of only 30 yuan, more than ten times, every two hours. At the time it was to imitate the teacher's actions, principles and effectiveness of actions not thought about. When I want to lose weight, I was re-released recorded music to yourself, slowly recall a lot of action, but also have their own experience of the role of each action.
Before running is in the morning, I found that the effect is not good, and just woke up, head reeling, the motion also finished breakfast, basically reach the weight loss. So I decided to do aerobics time on the evening 8-9, 1-2 hours after supper. This will not eat nausea, motion up enough strength.
I write to you, think of one thing to lose weight before. Start working, units games, a must on, thinking he ran step, it reported 60 meters. May go up, only to find themselves run, and ran the last did not say when tired untenable to the finish. A cursory look at his legs, only to find themselves too fat. Weight loss program soon after it started. The purpose was to lose weight is the most important, followed by a fitness idea, because it feels its own strength a lot worse than that before the age of 25.
Program is easy, it is hard to implement, requires a lot of perseverance, maybe they have to cheer up the belief has always supported me, too depressing surroundings, work too lightly, the wage is not sufficient to change their future, only always thinking to exercise good body and wait for better job opportunities.
Every evening to 8 o'clock, put a blanket to spread on the ground, then I lived in a dormitory unit, room only more than five meters, a bed already accounts for two square meters, and put a desk on the left next channel a. I'll jump on that channel, and then do exercise mat is stretched limbs, abdominal exercise movements.
Almost all some ideological struggle at the beginning of each, half time jump would also like to give up, but almost every time to reach the end.
So every day jumping, each about an hour, after two or three months, I have been reduced to 98 pounds from 116 pounds, which the middle I do not control their diet, eat fish and meat as usual. So I found that just started working when I bought skirts are big time in a big circle, again bought a lot of beautiful new dress, confidence and joy when I gradually came back, and there is a large company to hire me . I remember that day go and meet the leadership, and leadership Moving on, introduced me to the people who sent me out after I waved goodbye to him and quickly ran across the road and feel like a ball jumping, let me jump The first heart happy, second is lightweight body.
I am glad that they lose weight, but also a happy mood brought me a good job, income increased several times, confidence is increased by several times.
I kept 98 pounds of body weight for a long time, although in many people's eyes 98 pounds is not light, but I have been very satisfied, and I do not want to pursue skinny, but also know that they can withstand the scale.
Later, because of working too hard, time can not be guaranteed, it is interrupted aerobics, plus the always and customers to eat in restaurants, there are delicious never refused, so the weight is back up.
This is the middle I found fated marriage, in my 30 years of 8 months when pregnancy, pre-pregnancy weight is 108 pounds, 137 pounds of body weight along prenatal, postpartum weight is 129 pounds one day, 42 days postpartum is 125 pounds, from then resumes aerobics, first a small margin, to three months after childbirth is 112 pounds.
Postpartum months is now my weight is maintained at 112-114 pounds, starting from today I continue aerobics, plan to lose 10 pounds in two months time. Just eat very full, I am hoping to have the strength to jump.
If someone is willing to jump with me, I can write my basic movements jump out, because I'm just from memory to jump, could not remember a lot of action, but the main action and routines have, done one hour feel the body very light, flexibility is very good, sleep is particularly good.
If you want to jump JM much, I would open another post, the basic operation to write about.
Well, I write to you, I wish all of JM are beautiful and full of vitality.http://kb.phloi.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=843483

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