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Flat buttocks really ugly, but it is not difficult Xiangshou hip hip, no big movement, as long as in their daily lives, to develop some small habits can have a sexy Nice Bottom it!
1. Sit chair one third
People used to slumped in a chair, I feel more comfortable that way. However, it looks like not only easy to take with spinal cord injuries, but also other larger hips. Want hip, correct posture should be, just take the chair of a third straight waist, slightly tiptoe.
2. stairs hip
Climbing stairs is the ideal sport hip. Grasp every day to work, climbing stairs chance to go home, they can easily practice buttock oh. If you have time, you can also use the stairs doing hip movement, specific methods are: focus on the right foot, to support the weight of the body to the outside of the left leg elevation, the highest in the stopover, the left foot back to the ground, and back legs achieve a certain number of times when to do it.
3. wearing a heel shoes
Women wear high heels to walk unconsciously buttocks, abdomen, buttocks and thus effectively become strong abdominal muscles. However, Chuan Chuan high shoes, hip pain is easy, it is recommended to wear a little heel shoes, it is best to wear shoes with thick.
4. bedtime massage
Acupuncture weight loss is Chengfu hip pockets, hips on both sides of each side. Often massage this point, not only to clear the meridians buttocks, but also stimulate the contraction of the gluteus maximus, every day massage 5 minutes, you can get very good thin hip effect. Cautions, massage time to contribute in two stages, the first vertical pressure to acupuncture points that force then brought back up, in order to fully achieve the desired effect.
5. Often my legs
Sedentary family every day sit in the chair eight hours of time, which is helpful for the formation of flat Buttocks, so in order to cover up the flat Buttocks, then change from sedentary habits begin. You can select each take about an hour, you should walk up and press the hips points, so you can make the buttocks blood circulation, so hip become more precipitous. Sedentary family who do not leave the chair all day, oh. Move up the ass to remember.Aerobic exercise helps to lose weight Fibroids Miracle
Aerobic exercise is recognized as a healthy way to lose weight. Common aerobic exercise include: walking, brisk walking, jogging, walking, skating, long distance swimming, cycling, tai chi, dancing fitness dance, jump rope / do aerobics, ball games such as basketball, football and so on. Aerobic exercise is characterized by low intensity, rhythmic, uninterrupted and long duration. With weightlifting, Make Him Desire You running, high jump, long jump, throwing and other non-aerobic exercise have explosive compared to aerobic exercise is a kind of regular exercise, is for 5 minutes or more have the energy of motion.
Classified by sports, aerobics into the following categories
Physical categories:Ovarian Cyst Miracle walking, jogging (including outdoor and indoor treadmill), jumping rope, climbing, picnics, biking, swimming, boating and so on;
Performance categories: dance (including ballroom dancing, ballroom dancing, disco, etc.), shaping, aerobics, group dance Yangko and Fan Dance, etc;
Martial Arts classes: tai chi, tai chi sword, Bagua boxing, etc;
Strength endurance category: push-ups, sit-ups, prone back, light equipment (such as dumbbells) exercise, the gym on a joint instrument light of various weights, more repetitions of strength exercises;
Ball: table tennis, badminton, tennis, gas volleyball, golf, billiards, croquet and bowling;
Other: shuttlecock, diabolo, kite flying, fishing, qigong and Yu Jia and other home.
Text the Romance Back Increase muscle burns calories more
Strengthen muscle strength and muscle endurance exercises to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance, but for most people, the key is that it has a role in promoting health. Increase muscle strength and endurance of human life are beneficial. Jump Manual
One of the benefits: Studies have shown that with age, people's basic metabolic rate, energy consumption is reduced. Due to decreased total muscle, human basal metabolic rate per decade decline of 3%. No regular exercise, an annual reduction of 0.25 kg of muscle, increased 0.25 kg of fat, accumulation of fat leading to weight gain, blood supply to the heart a tremendous burden. Some experts pointed out that, for each additional 0.5 kg of muscle per day to consume 30-40 calories. In other words, increasing 0.5 kg muscle, the extra calories consumed each year is equivalent to 1.5 -2 kg of fat calories, which is conducive to stay in shape and improve their level of basic metabolism, enhance physical fitness, for diabetics, exercise is a must . Teds Woodworking
The second advantage: muscle strength and endurance exercise can not only achieve the purpose of weight loss can make the skin elasticity, proper exercise the muscles, bones and joints to increase stability and reduce the muscles, tendons and ligaments of probability. At the same muscle and body functions are closely related, such as exercise back muscles can enhance the function of the respiratory system, exercise back muscles to maintain stability of the lumbar spine. Ex2 System
Three benefits of: Long-term lack of exercise when muscles can cause muscle atrophy, medically known as disuse muscle atrophy. As bedridden or immobilized patients plaster may find this situation. Due to lack of proper exercise muscle, muscle fiber tapered appearance muscle smaller size, decreased muscle strength, if appropriate at this time to restore muscles, the muscles can still restore the original level. If the muscles are not long-term exercise, muscle fibers thinner until it disappears and is replaced by fibrous tissue, the muscle can not be restored to its original levels, patients will be unable to sit or stand.
Reduce fat gain muscle aerobic exercise program
Get Him Back Forever The implementation of a plan which does not necessarily mean long-term change, you can make adjustments at any time change according to their own training priorities.
Aerobic exercise program to increase muscle as the main objective
The strength training than aerobic exercise is limited to three times a week, every 30 minutes. This is to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, without causing potential muscle loss, two of the best forms of aerobic exercise include boating and repetitive motion any conversion speed. Jump Manual pdf
In order to maximize the development of muscle, weightlifting experienced practitioners will usually parts of the body is divided into several groups to practice (eg chest, triceps; lower limb back, trapezius, biceps). Practice 3 days rest day and then the next and then start a cycle. In muscle growth stage should not restrict dietary calorie intake, because only the body in a "positive balance" the state, muscle growth is possible. Magic Of Making Up
Also, try to avoid strength training and running were arranged on the same day as running can consume a lot of heat, so that the muscles can not have the opportunity to grow. When the body is energy "negative balance" state, the muscles will first be treated as energy consumed, and then turn to fat. If you have practiced force on the same day and do cardio, strength training at least have to, take advantage of the strength and energy is at its peak, so that the muscles get adequate stimulation.
With the increase of muscle composition, the body's metabolic rate will also increase, which would be more conducive to fat consumption.
Aerobic exercise program to reduce body fat as the main objective
Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever
Practice 5--6 times per week of aerobic exercise, every 30 - 60 minutes, in order to cover the loin fat layer thinning as soon as possible. Otherwise abdominal trained more what use is it? When a major goal of losing weight, diet is also important to note. Low level of caloric intake plus a lot of aerobic exercise can ensure the success of the plan. Of course, the less weight inevitably include some muscle composition.
A lot of aerobic endurance exercise can produce some minor muscle metabolic changes. Responsible for transporting oxygen in slow-twitch fibers have been developed, and is responsible for the strength of fast-twitch fibers are weakened.The Truth About Six Pack Abs Then you might not lift can lift the weight in the past. At this stage you can not completely relax strength training twice a week to maintain a moderate-intensity exercise, at intervals of not more than three days. Wherein a major train the lower limbs, upper limbs and another practice.
A combination of both plans
If the all-round development is your goal, the time it takes the two movements should be basically the same. Plan can be implemented every other day, alternating aerobic and strength of. Each time you exercise the muscles, you can do the following exercises every 2 - 3 groups 10--12 times.
1, supine elected; 2, the oblique dumbbell elected; 3, sitting rowing; 4. Dumbbell Lateral Raise; 5, biceps curl; 6, triceps pulley under pressure; 7, leg extensions. Tinnitus Miracle
In the meantime, keep the diet (protein, carbohydrate, fat) balance, adequate intake of calories in order to avoid the large amount of muscle and lost. Steady weight maintenance is a key need 40 - 50 per day per kilogram of body weight to maintain balance exercise kcal consumption and daily activities.
Example: the double benefit of exercise
Variable speed boating and aerobics can simultaneously provide aerobic exercise and muscle metabolic systems, so whether your goal is to increase muscle, reduce fat, or a combination of both, are applicable. Yeast Infection No More But the great strength of these exercises, you must first lay a good foundation of aerobic exercise (4--8 weeks, every 30 minutes of exercise three times a week), and to obtain the consent of a doctor's practice.
Boating can be carried out in the indoor rowing machine or natural water. Rowing claim back, shoulders, buttocks and other muscles move simultaneously and can raise the heart rate to the required level of aerobic exercise, if your stamina, but also for shifting practice. Grow Taller 4 Idiots
Aerobic exercise can exercise cycle shift on any cardio equipment. Repeat 10 1 minute high intensity and relaxation cycle of 1 minute, or 20 for half a minute of high intensity circulation plus half a minute to relax in after 10 minutes to warm up. Note that the strength of certainty to be just right, not more than one minute strength phase. Each practice 1-3 times a week, this exercise method can effectively improve your The Woman Men Adore aerobic exercise a lot, while maintaining muscle composition.
Aerobic exercise to burn fat, build muscle anaerobic exercise. Fat and muscle are two completely different organizations. Neither the conversion of fat into muscle, muscle also can not be converted to fat.
Want to increase muscle reduced fat, aerobic exercise is recommended mainly power sports supplement, while paying attention to the control diet. The Magic Of Making Up The joint body is basically a plurality of orientations activity, but daily life, we usually activities to just a few fixed orientation. Activities that are not used by the orientation, you can exercise the muscles usually less use to - muscle. (Note: muscle exercise is also very difficult to even larger soft muscle muscles get exercise, then, even without the stiff and very easy to become large outer muscles can also make the body move, can also strengthen the joints, promote blood circulation By this aging the waste from the body, increase basal metabolism.)
Draw circles thin face
1. Use the index finger and middle finger grip collarbone
2. elbows moving to the chest Pregnancy Miracle
3. arm, with the elbow circle from front to back. The other side of the hand in the same manner, are about 5 back and forth.
4. Then paddling arms together five laps.
Draw circles thin arm
Total Wellness Cleanse 1. The body stand up straight, feet about shoulder width apart, arms stretched open to both sides of the flat, slowly circled forward. This is focused on the outer side of the arm muscles tight.
2. The body stand up straight, feet about shoulder width apart, arms stretched open to both sides of the flat, slowly circled back. This is focused on the tight inner arm and chest muscles.
3. Do not draw circles too, so as not to hurt the shoulder joint.
Draw circles get rid of "love handles." The Tao Of Badass
1, take stance, the body upright, his hands together in prayer in front of the abdomen. Inhale, hands lifted up to shoulder level. Breathing, body bending forward, fingers stretched forward, pushing the body forward extension of the jaw to close in the eyes look toward the toe.
2, holding hands and arms straight, fingers and pushing the body, turn three laps left in a counterclockwise direction and then rotated in the opposite direction to the right in three laps.
Tips: circling movements slower and place, feel the tightening of the abdomen.
Draw circles soften bones and joints Text the Romance Back

1. Legs open, shoulder width, hands on his hips, one leg diagonally upward lift.
2. toes forward extending outwardly greatly draw circles. For the other legs of the same action. 5 laps around each turn.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to toes pointed, from the thigh began to draw circles.
Compact leg draw circles
1. Open with feet shoulder width, hands on his hips, stretched out a foot forward. Outstretched leg bent 90 degrees to the inside. Matt Huston Ex2 System
2. ass back projection, while outward front leg better draw circles with the ass.
3. For the other foot to repeat the same action. 5 circle around each painting.
IMPORTANT: bird feet to bend relative to the other foot at 90 degrees. Otherwise, there is no effect on the calf muscles Oh!
Draw circles thin thighs
1. lying on his back or on the blanket, hands at your sides, palms down. Bengzhi left foot, lifted up, toes pointing to the ceiling, push slightly outward rotation. Get Him Back Forever
Inhale, left toe started to draw a circle in the air, attention to the need to rotate the entire leg, but hip is fixed, not the buttocks and hips lifted off the ground.
3. In a clockwise direction in the air with his left foot draw five circles, then draw five circles counterclockwise. How To Become An Alpha Male For the right leg, the same clockwise, counterclockwise circle draw five.
Tips: draw circles downsizing exercise conducted very important point is to feel tired, I must take a break. Because when physical fatigue, it is easy to be used outside of the muscle. So when you are not feeling tired, you can relax, while there is less awareness of the earth at the muscle usually used. 1. For pure want to lose some parts (such as the thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen):
Fit Yummy Mummy Lots of people ask me, how do want to reduce the thigh, calf how to do? Since I have not progressed to the stage of fine sculpture of each site, so always talk about in passing. In fact, whether you want a simple reduction which parts you need long-term effective aerobic exercise as a basis. Capture His Heart
Only on the basis of these aerobics going to add extra movement to shaping, such as stomach crunches can add, you can add Squat buttocks, thighs plus sitting kicks device, can add arm dumbbell. But if, like me, the focus is first cut down weight, the focus at the reduced fat, or to aerobic training, proper period of time to add strength training, or slim down the skin becomes slack was not compact .
2. What is anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is what ah?
Aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise, not simply based sports to divide.
Aerobic exercise is physical exercise in the case of the human body will be an adequate supply of oxygen. It is characterized by low intensity, rhythm, longer duration. It requires each exercise period of not less than one hour. Adhere to 3-5 times a week. To achieve weight loss body fat consumption, jogging, cycling, dancing fitness dance belong. Melt Your Man’s Heart
The anaerobic exercise refers to the muscles in the "hypoxic" state speed strenuous exercise. Most anaerobic exercise is high-load strength, instantaneous and strong movement, so difficult to sustain for a long time, and time is also slow to eliminate fatigue. Anaerobic exercise would have too much lactic acid in the body, it will feel muscle soreness after exercise, shortness of breath, like sprints, squats are all anaerobic edema.
As you need to do anaerobic exercise itself or aerobic exercise, first look at your body now, if you want to reduce fat, aerobic exercise is better, if you want to gain muscle, anaerobic exercise is more appropriate. Of course, always be a combination of both.
3. Spinning will legs thicker? ! Acid Alkaline Diet
Spinning of resistance control is important, when you protect the whole stance of you have already begun the process of fat loss.
The legs will not thicken it all depends on your riding, small resistance plus frequency fast ride is the best way to reduce fat, increase resistance to increase muscle as well as the effect of climbing, the greater the resistance the thigh muscle stimulation, it is close to the anaerobic exercise It will increase muscle, however, whether small or large resistance resistance, must remain standing, and always abdomen, legs and abdomen to drive, thus reducing wear and tear of the meniscus, can also reduce the possibility of increasing muscle. Muscle Gaining Secrets
In fact, a treadmill and exercise bike are increasing loss of the knee joint, but if you do not lose weight, your body is not just knee problem anymore obesity caused various diseases more terrible than that.
4. I am also a day on a treadmill for an hour, why not lean ah?
Eating For Energy Not on a treadmill will be thin, and to achieve efficient training, you hold the phone microblogging brush change while running, run it and what do you think? I do not believe you can run up the phone while playing, do not drink her friends to chat and laugh, you come running, it is to lose weight, you concentrate on the run for half an hour and you slowly go one hour the effect is not the same a. Your health has been maintained from the beginning a running speed, no change, natural weight will not change, the body completely adapt to your exercise, of course, to no avail. Fat Burning Furnace

Beginning on the treadmill, a few days before your first big step brisk walking, then slowly began to add a little jogging every day, increasing five minutes a day, can be applied to jogging for half an hour to forty minutes, after a period of time trying to increase the slope, and if plus slope not run on a point of diminishing run time, starting in Singapore brisk walking, are adjusted for changes in holding daily.
5. Do you have time to go to the gym every day how, ah, I have to how how, not go on?
I work every day half past four, five o'clock at home, usually at night in the gym for about two hours, two hours of time how did not it? Some work at night ah? Shopping and eating out with friends from work and have time to watch TV at home playing computer brush microblogging time, exercise no time? Busy with work it? I was in the intensive care unit, patients do not have a whole ward to come down to earth, I Did not busy it? Work on the road a few brisk walking, will play less phones, two hours is not it? Do not give yourself excuses. Penis Enlargement Bible
6. The platform of the country?
I have three methods: First, eat less, reducing food intake, or completely only drink water, called Fresh off a period of time, but not easy to control hypoglycemia collapse.
Second, unchanged, continue to persist, persist in time can not be estimated. The Language of Desire
Third, the adjustment movement, increase physical activity, rapid breakthrough in the past.
I now belong to the plateau, always repeated a couple of pounds of three changes, one will not lean for a lean, ask yourself, as if you want to lose weight or to become beautiful moment of comfortable, sports thing, you stop one day the next day, even I do not want to start, and must adhere to teeth live. Personally I recommend three programs. However, still have to pay attention to the body rich load, do not hurt.
7. aunt came also training? Every Other Day Diet
I advocate aunt is still to be polite to maintain steady pace can not fast, high-strength, normal treadmill to walk on it, and do not stop moving, appropriate exercise to speed up the circulation of the aunt is still relatively good, usually do not suddenly increase the amount of exercise will make aunt irregular.
8. how you usually train?
I usually warm up first walking, then running about half an hour, and then strode brisk walking, then walking way, to make the final relaxation is appropriate I will stretch your arms, looked at a group of thirty minus the chin. Then the next treadmill and then knock Gallbladder under 100, a group of thirty toes touch down, a group of thirty sitting kicks, and then go spinning about half an hour. Then it is stretched, what pressure stretching and a shower to blow the hair on the home. Sit-ups before going to bed again a group of forty or so (forgetting), and this is my daily training. There would imply, every time I ate dinner will try to stand for half an hour, to avoid lower body fat accumulation, and keep upright abdomen state, reduce the stomach. One reason: what to eat after a run? The Make Women Want You System
It will produce hunger after burning a lot of calories, but be cautious in the face of this feeling. Choose junk food to fill the hunger is entirely upside down, before long you will feel hunger signals. Running after eating to ensure food nutrition, calories should not exceed 150 calories. If the motion before dinner, after running is proper eating, so small advice if you want to eat, preferably before the election campaign.
Two reasons: perhaps not enough run
If you still do not see the long-term adherence running the desired effect, you can change what running program. Teds Woodworking Running several times a week once a week and 20 minutes of jogging 45 minutes of the calories consumed can not lose weight. At least one week to lose a pound you want to be different every day through exercise and diet consume at least 500 calories. If running is to lose weight, at least one day per week of jogging three to four times the stroke, the remaining time with other fat burning exercise more effective.
Three reasons: lack of calorie consumption
After you run, that has consumed at least 500 calories, but consider the following reference number, 68 kg of the girls and then after 45 minutes of jogging a total consumption of 495 calories, if you do not run faster than this figure long or fast, then Every time you run the calories consumed has not reached. The best way to detect its own motion at any time, can be used with the phone APP track.
Four reasons: each run the same route Yeast Infection No More
If you are used to running the same way and the route, the body will develop a fixed pattern, this inertia will enter the weight loss retention period. Mixed Running can solve this problem, make adjustments in speed, height, pace, and even change the venue can make the body continue to maintain and strengthen the state of motion, speed up the body metabolism.
Five reasons: only care about on digital scales
Running is one of the best sport shaping the lower body because fat burning muscle while restructuring. Ovarian Cyst Miracle Closer muscle tissue than fat tissue, even though you did not lose the weigh find the number of pounds, but waist, hip, chest size, but will be significantly improved, can still achieve visual loss results from the shape. Fat Loss Factor Hot summer weather, sedentary will sweat, but it is a good time to exercise to lose weight. Today to tell you about the fastest and most effective weight loss summer sport, sports a sweat together, not only to lose weight and detox, best of both worlds thing, why not?
1, swimming
If only choose a summer sport, I believe swimming is the most popular choice. I could feel the hot air, dive into cool underwater is definitely the most contradictory but the most comfortable combination. And swimming can improve people's respiratory system, improve cardiovascular function, the buoyancy of water also help reduce cervical pressure, ideal for cervical patients. Swimming also allows increased excitability of the cerebral cortex, a swim posterity will feel physically fit. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

Swimming is an aerobic exercise calories consumed a lot. This is because the heat of the water is 28 times that of air, the water stays in the heat consumed eight minutes, and the heat in the air of the same temperature for 2 hours consumed the same. So it has a better weight-loss results.
In addition, swimming the body get plenty of exercise. When swimming, the body lifted by the buoyancy of water, hands and heels, the body's joints, muscles evenly harmonize all parts of people have been stretched to make more well-proportioned body.
2, varied pace Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle
This unsteadiness running style, simple and casual, do not need to follow the established rules. And the motion intensity sprints and jogging two combined, it can also play the effect of the consumption of sugar and fat.
This is because the human body in motion, the body consumes energy mainly from sugars and fats. In a short period of rapid, when a lot of movement, to consume sugar-based; and moderate exercise in a long time, places the consumption of fat-based.
3, stairs Double Edge Fat Loss
Today, people's living conditions are good, go by car, take the elevator upstairs, exercise is very limited. If the daily life can make more use of stairs for exercise, not only can prevent coronary heart disease, but also particularly conducive to weight loss.
30 minutes of stair climbing can burn calories 260 kcal, 10 times more than sit, four times more than a walk, swim more than 2.5 times, the equivalent of jogging 800-1500 meters. Final Phase Fat Loss
4, Dancing
Dancing will not only make you more elegant, but also help you dance slim figure. From the perspective of modern medicine, dancing this rhythmic body movement, it will help restore and balance the body's biological rhythms, help cardiac contraction, promote blood circulation, cell senescence.
Dancing can make various parts of the body have been tempered, and can effectively thin waist, stuck his bottom and thin thighs, increases the body's mobility and flexibility.
5, yoga Customized Fat Loss
Yoga not only fitness, weight-loss effect is also quite good. Yoga weight loss method is different from aerobic exercise, it is under the premise of self-admiration, increase metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, thereby changing the ratio of body fat and muscle, reduce the size of fat cells and burn excess fat.
In addition, we also pay attention to the movement of a number of issues, such as warm, water, diet, so that movement more effective.
6, jogging Superior Singing Method
Easy running is called the king of aerobic metabolism, while running in the jogging is known as a fitness run. Jogging action simple and very easy to adjust the amount of exercise, Fat Burning Furnace weight-loss effect is remarkable.
In jogging, waist, back and limbs are in constant motion, in addition to effective fitness, but also burn fat, thereby reducing body fat storage, to achieve weight-loss results.A lot of people to lose weight, the morning workout, even do not eat breakfast. One to save time, and secondly, these people think better fasting morning jogging slimming effect, do both. The actual situation is really the case? Let's look at fasting morning jogging to lose weight? The Truth About Six Pack Abs
Fasting morning jogging hazards:
Fasting morning jogging makes some people the symptoms of hypoglycemia, and sugar is the most economical running a human body, the most direct source of energy. Low blood sugar can cause a variety of symptoms such as palpitation, sweating, shaking hands, etc. If this happens, we must quickly add sugar (such as eating a piece of candy), let the blood sugar to rise quickly. Therefore, especially in long-distance running process should pay attention to add sugar and water, which is to ensure the human body environment, but also to ensure energy supply. Recommend fasting for running mat meal manner, as previously ran eating a banana, half a bread, etc., can be run after dinner.Personal Path to Pregnancy
Fasting should not be run in the morning before
Why not encourage fasting running, because if you're running to lose weight, running process will consume more energy, The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave if you do not replenish, could have caused irreparable damage to the body, long-term adverse health. In addition, since excessive consumption running, hunger will be more intense after the running, it is possible to make you unknowingly eat more food, increase the chance of weight regain, resulting in the opposite effect running to lose weight . Fat Loss 4 Idiots
Muscle Maximizer Should not be run in the morning before eating fed
Further, satiety running problems. Fasting running adverse health, but it's best to avoid running satiety. Food into the stomach to digest, this time a lot of blood concentrated in the gastrointestinal, if running may cause indigestion can also cause stomach sag; fullness running will also increase the risk of appendicitis. It is carried out at least 30 minutes after the meal movement, but a small meal after meal breaks to double extended. Eat Stop Eat
In summary, fasting running to lose weight more harm than good. Fasting to lose weight although it seems that running can burn fat faster, but it is detrimental to health. While we want to lose weight, to slim, but more needs a healthy body. You need to choose a healthy diet and reasonable exercise scientific method, using the wrong methods to lose weight, it could backfire oh. Such as fasting not only can not help running to lose weight, but also endanger the health of Oh! The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program
Why is not necessary to run it every day? Professor, University of Toyama, Japan Athletics Union Scientific Committee Dr. Keiji mountain in "Running Key guide" a book that: If jogging is fitness for the purpose of going with the rest, or fatigue, body but there will be problems.
In general, you can run two days off day, or run three days rest day.The Venus Factor
Exercise can promote good health is based on the "excess recovery" theory: more than normal body load exercise can bring stronger muscles and visceral stimulation, then the body will think it's part, "power" is not enough, we will organize " resources "to enhance the related functions, so the body's health, exercise capacity will rise. But exercise can bring physical fatigue, and therefore need to give the body some time to complete the "excess recovery." Otherwise, not only affect the normal working life, it can also cause damage.Old School New Body
According to physically determine the number of days running
However, if not meet the above criteria, we can not say there is no training effect. For example, people with poor physical fitness one week only ran once, other days for walking, walking, can promote good health. In short, according to their physical, nature of work, fatigue, etc. to determine the number of days running. As the day not to run, according to the degree of muscle fatigue, morning woke up feeling bad, weight decrease, appetite is good or bad and other factors.
Moreover, the running process, ankle, knee will withstand the huge impact. Therefore, if the motion were more fat, may consider other forms of aerobic exercise, such as swimming, space walk, bicycle and other alternative running.

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