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Penghu backpack Wang, Ju Island search secret Nike Air Max 'Mizhi backpack, chrysanthemum island to explore! Backpack Wang PK tournament.' by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC Penghu National Scenic Area Administration premises careful planning 'Penghu backpack Wang, Ju Island search secret' network a series Nike Shox of activities, the first phase of selection activities Penghu backpack Wang (6 / 4-6 / 22), just in Recently ended, attracted a total of nearly 150 like backpacking, backpacking adventure bloggers to participate in activities, the organizers after a fierce two-stage selection by 黄庭郁, Tangyou Hong, 李平鸿 other two applicants get wins, will get access to the field Penghu, for a period of five days and four nights to explore the tourism backpack! Director of Management Office Qiuzhang Guang Peng said that in order to promote Penghu / Islands region tourism industry, attracting the attention of young people, especially young men combined with Nike Shoes the current favorite travel patterns - backpack adventure, and through the Internet blogger experience to share, In 'Penghu backpack Wang Ju Island found two secret family activities - backpack Wang Air Jordan 5 Retro PK Competition' in particular, planned to Penghu humanities, ecology, romantic adventure-themed backpack, let the three newly established three backpack king Through this tour tourism lead us know Penghu different, so the actual experience of summer backpack Wang Penghu enthusiasm! The backpack Wang selection of activities selected through a two-stage operation: After the primaries / check the fierce competitions, three stand out in a backpack king among 147 entries. The first stage of the competition organizers based activities means the selection criteria, all entries are sorted by preferred work to sort the top 10 of the second stage for the final selection. The second stage of the selection job jury composed organizers take anonymous letters Mi appraisal way, by the members, scholars and competitions for the second phase of 10 works, finally get reviewed by 黄庭郁, Tangyou Hong, 李平鸿 other two applicants Members of all ages, be formally invited to become 'king of Penghu backpack' Penghu Scenic Area Administration and in at 14:30 on July 2, in the Tri-passenger Service Center organized the 'King of Penghu backpack PK Competition' press conference, invite scene three backpacks to the king to participate in 'King of Penghu backpack PK Competition' flag presentation conference! Released three new backpack king Profile [backpack king 黄庭郁] selected diary backpack wandering king [wandering diary] Blogs withheld 黄庭郁 incumbent was a junior high school teacherNike Heels Boots in Taipei, had been to Ju Island, Orchid Island Chamber Yu, in Penghu backpack learned he was elected queen, happy recounting his fate and all the islands! Loves to travel, photography, multimedia design tribunal Yu said that these life experiences backpack trip, will be his share of the best kids in the classroom and extra-curricular materials, so that the children can be in the upcoming summer, together with his family to Penghu to experience life! [Backpack King - Tang Youhong] record only to recall elected king backpack [record only memories] Moderators 唐佑宏 blog is an engineer serving Taichung, hiking, photography is a macro-woo's favorite activities, along with the nature walk , a free shot, wrote the record of the Nike Air Presto bit. Yu Wang represents summer warm Penghu will participate in his backpack the king went to Penghu PK tournament, became a memorable rucksack on his score! [Backpack King - Liping Hong] Pinto selected photo living backpack king [Pinto photo living] blog moderators Liping Hong serving Hsinchu County, a country of small class teacher, it is a handball expert, dark skin, sun smile, fits Penghu summer passion, sports, travel, photography is normally the greatest interest! Penghu about to depart for participation backpack Wang Ping Hung PK tournament, said use of his digital SLR, with friends, school children share the beauty of Penghu realm! 'Penghu backpack Wang PK Air Jordan 1 Competition' is about to officiallyAir Jordan 4 Retro start at 7/6, the king received three backpack blue backpack Prince [sea], [Myst gold backpack], [double heart love red backpack] of Mizhi backpack, went to Penghu four nights in a five-day mission on the ground to explore backpack! Meaning three backpacks were blue backpack - Penghu North Sea, Kim backpack - Magong Island and red backpack - Penghu South China Sea and other three recreation system, three backpack king and start their own rich and wonderful trip to Penghu, the process will be ready to share Internet access preparation before the line, found the secret of tourism experiences, activities end will summarize nine Penghu tourism itineraries, as the third phase of the popular vote route, the public can keep abreast of the backpack king personally Internet search on the latest secret trip! Mizhi backpack, PK Record! Wang will get three backpacks backpack organizers assigned task and get full free travel grants (including airfare, islands transportation, lodging, tourism gold), and participated in 'Ju Island search secret' of PK activity. Share surprised route search after the event secret, the privacy of attractions, voted by netizens and experts selected the winning popular backpack Wang will receive fifty thousand yuan bonus! Backpack voted Apartments Wang 12,000 yuan free to send ... 'backpack Wang vote' (7/21 1-8 / 10) immediately after the game Relay Release PK backpack king! Through this backpack king's call and share the wonderful Penghu tourism, attracting more people visit Penghu tour. Users participate in voting activities will have access to exclusive sponsorship by the Rainbow International Travel Air Jordan 3 Retro Dolphin Bay Hotel Monarch Suite \u003cworth 12,000 yuan\u003e, MP4, 7-11 gift certificates and other premium gifts. Chimei Raiders continue in August with tickets or ticket exchange beautiful gifts and goodies bids and October, providing accommodation for one yuan to buy a ticket sent by the middle reaches of the network standard, a dollar Xinghai Hotel room, please on 'Penghu backpack Wang, Ju Island search secret 'the official website http://www.penghutour.com.tw support your idea of ​​Penghu backpack king! Wang PK tournament activity backpack way as follows: Time: 2009/07/06 ~ 07/20 Events way: Backpack backpack task Mizhi Wang backpack according to the search process in the secret stories happen every day, Photographs uploaded to the campaign website - Wang backpack blog, the following themes: 1 forward prepared to share: carry supplies, travel planning, camera ... 2.PK topic: chrysanthemum Island declassified, chrysanthemum island surprise gold chrysanthemum Island Love 3. Popularity line summary: Each backpack According to Wang PK theme, each put forward a popular route, finally sink the whole nine popular vote accepted route. Selection methods: 1 Organizers selection (50%) A. article title: insert the keyword '[Ju Island declassified]', '[surprised] Ju Island,' '[Love] chrysanthemum island' that is covered in the title B. article content can be: at least 500 words or more C. Photo: attractions, food, fun, etc. D. Route reasonable: the itinerary, time, and other attractions. 2. The online voting (50 percent) named Notice: 2009/08/17 (to be published in the Nike Basketball official website of activity) Activity Award: The third stage will vote to elect the king backpack popular gold route, the popular backpack Wang will receive NT $ 50,000 yuan Cash! For more details, please contact Events URL: http: //www.penghutour.com.tw


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