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Let's go London and the Palace of the 'Golden Pig hold to Nike Heels Boots celebrate the God of Wealth.' Location: Caotun town London and in London and Miyamoto county has magnificent natural environment, charming Qingshancuigu, Nike Air Max fertile plains and basins, grace much Nike Shoes more expensive than the landscape, creating a perfect picturesque geographical conditions, the greater divination blocks to strike a 'rich gold' to pray for career development, the annual Lunar New Year on March 15 will invite visitors to 'eat cake gold fortune' unprecedented, for the Palace of the most unique and above scale projects . London and the Palace of the local religious center, the God of divinity spread far and wide, very efficacious, according to statistics 95 Nike Air Presto years to visit the palace of visitors has more than hundreds of thousands of people, including strike 'rich gold' were more numerous,  and create high-quality and rich connotation of tourism in the county, making the county after county enjoy sightseeing in the world, and thus become the religion and culture of the county of the country. The four-day event, activity is quite rich and wonderful, Air Jordan 5 Retro April 28 (lunar March 12) 10:00 opening ceremony, accompanied by Air Jordan 3 Retro the mayor himself 周信利 and Dun and Palace co-chairman Lee played Treasurer , in addition to sending Lucky Hannaford commemorative envelopes and candy stamp Lucky visitors to come to the outside, and there are dollars Dafang Song, so we were stained hi anger wealth, then that launched a series of arts and cultural performances, this time we are invited to come from abroad performing groups to come to the county show (2007 Dajia Mazu Culture Festival and the same foreign performance groups) which has an excellent team performance from Taipei - Weihong Lion Dance the dance director of Fortuna, also invited to the magnificent orchestra from the Philippines and South America State Fire Latin dance, street artists began to have real Terracotta Warriors, and ballroom dancing show Dance of Jinan University School of Home Economics and Palit bartending shows, such as 19:00. April 29 (lunar March 13) have come from Chinese Taipei Amber Wu set the performance of Chinese martial arts, Palit Jiashang of diabolo dance club performances and Chardonnay brings folk dance, 19:30 will be invited to bring a series of well-known film and television star wonderful Gala. April 30 we will hold the first session of London and the Palace of Fortuna Cup singing contest, divided Air Jordan 4 Retro into Evergreen group, community youth groups and expatriates group, the bonus is very generous, community youth group a bonus 10,000 yuan Trophy 1 Block, the first two trophies a bonus 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan bonus the first three trophies 1, the first four trophies a bonus 1000 yuan, 1000 yuan bonus the first five trophies one, winning 10 medals one. Evergreen Group and foreign groups, the first one trophy a bonus 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan bonus the first two trophies 1, the first three trophies a bonus 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan bonus the first four trophies 1, Section 5 a bonus 1000 yuan trophies, winning 10 medals one, we sincerely welcome friends from all interested singers are encouraged to register to participate. May 1 we invite Japanese dance figurines set aryl wonderful show for our Japanese dance, 12:00 London and the Palace of the God of Wealth will go around the urban environment Caotun blessing Caotun villagers Caiyuanguangjin peace order, this year around Habitat team also from Caotun town hall and clubhouse designed Caotun agricultural town parades, leaving the team to add luster around the territory, in the evening national circus performers from North Vietnam series of thrilling circus show, the highlight of the activities of glory dazzling fireworks show, this event will Nike Basketball bring the final climax also draw the Air Jordan 1beautiful ending. In addition to daily dollar Dafang Song, set up during the event more artistic-cum-century nostalgia Coin Stamp Exhibition heritage, folklore local food street, praying more games from the province and the Palace of the Friends of the wonderful array of each head show, 'Golden fortune cake' is available.


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