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2011 Spring Festival special events - the road edge rabbit wonderful years invite you to New Year During Activity: 2011/02/04 - 2011/02/07 contractors: Park Group Guochao Wei 049-2334141 # 613 Location: Caotun Technology Center (Caotun Township, Nantou County, Zhongzheng Road 573), National Technology Research and Development Center in Taiwan Year Special Events 'road force rabbit wonderful years,' the upcoming February 4 to February 7 (Big Year to the fifth day) Expand joy, craft centers this year will launch a special lucky rabbit very unique 'road edge,' he The name is taken mainly English LOVELY homonym, with beautiful and moving, lovely meaning, this title is to force down the road by the blessing of rabbits, we have a good year; this year is the Republic of China founding 100 years, This is of special significance in Nike Air Max the year, is not it to the point of different expectations, let us in addition to abundant wealth, but also by the process we can expect to get spiritual satisfaction, by the process Air Jordan 1 so that the new year is full of energy, craft center wonderful New Year activities can be expected not to be missed! First, the road shape light creative force rabbit game exhibition park, the creative team from Nike Heels Boots the 100 groups to participate in the 'rabbit litter pro - creative shape lamp race' on the eve of Spring Festival lively start, 100 groups of the creative team brains, by the environmental technology and unique creative ingenuity, to produce a variety of 'road force Rabbit shape light,' some use broken glass, and some use of waste paper and readily available gloves \u0026 hellip; and so on. Through creative, create stunning works; and a variety of daytime road force rabbit, night suddenly become beautiful colorful lights to attract many people to this appointment scattered ho. Walked this 'road edge light gallery,' I believe this year will be able to remove the haze, bringing full year of happiness. Second, the plant process, 'Hundred rabbit' to celebrate the founding 100 years to meet the technology park in the Year of the Rabbit 'hundred rabbits' is this Nike Shox year's activities are mainly plant process, because 100 years, 'Xin Mao' years in the folk customs Xin Mao gold wood years, so the use of recycled fir craft center block, waste wood and stainless steel sheet production 'hundred rabbits,' the appearance of rabbits sitting contour, combined with the number 100 characters, character design are two important 'one hundred' and Cheng, shape simple lovable. The Republic of China together with the community to celebrate the 100th birthday and the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit; and 'one hundred rabbits,' as well as a smaller version of the wooden commemorative edition, more meaningful, as long as the Chinese New Year period to participate in on-site activities that have access to, not quantity more, first come first win. Third, the Year of the Rabbit Spring play - puppet, opera, dance turns into Aboriginal (11:00 and 15:00 each game) Performing Arts Chinese New Year is lovely, two days from 'Jin Fei puppet Nike Air Presto group' performed 'Skyline Spring 'Look puppet master operation even with skilled technical juggling trick; three days to bring the well-known woman opera group' Pearl of the opera group '' hi rabbit send Choi, 'I wish you all happy fortune; Xinyi Township, Nantou County, the fourth Air Jordan 5 Retro day of the Bunun 'Dama Crest Cultural Troupe' to bring the most pure Bunun song and dance, invite you and Bunun friends together to celebrate the New Year; fifth crowded by the popular band 'Triumph Orchestra,' a live concert. And saw the road edge rabbit hop dance Paul Bailey also do not be surprised, and quickly went to seek sugar, but also help themselves some luck. Fourth, the characteristics of craftsmen exquisite craftsmanship and technology parks and live shows this year after November 99 local craft shop opening, resident craftsmen has reached 15, presumably the Spring Festival will be more worth seeing. During the Chinese New Year at home will take turns playing each process, performing all kinds of possession craftsmanship, through close contact, enjoy a glass craftsmen 黄安福 thermoplastic site to see how the shape of a rabbit pulled liquefied glass; when carving wood carving home 施金福 site experience, between the blade and the intersection of solid wood and wood shed bursts; when praise bambooNike Shoes craftsmen 李荣烈 live bamboo, thin bamboo strips can be learned woven into beautiful bamboo utensils. These top real craftsmen Taiwan's top technology, panoramic view of the Chinese New Year this year. Fifth, the Year of the Rabbit new technology and new DIY experience the fun of the Chinese New Year experience the DIY process has been interesting in the park, this living craft museum and craft shop where resident craftsmen, Release 15 interesting Air Jordan 3 Retro DIY associated with the rabbit, living craft museum metalworking workshop to teach you to create 'enamel rabbit', using colorful enamel glazes design your own lucky rabbit; pottery workshop of 'black rabbit Nike Basketball painting' Early in the New Year eve quietly shelves, mischievous look, already attracting a lot of friends in size His body painting Western painting east; local crafts museum Shen Fu studio, allowing you to make your own embroidery red envelopes unlimited use; Shunda kilns, introduced the 'rabbit brick' can also as a coaster, very practical. The 'Happiness mark - India rabbit fun DIY' is the way you can force the rabbit pattern serigraphy on insignia, happiness and luck can always carry around. Six, along the road to market forces checkpoints rabbit adventure, endless checkpoints send prizes craft activities organized by the Centre is not the same every time the kids are always having all the fun, this time let the road edge when the protagonist it rabbit ! Long road force to assist the group back to the broken rabbit ceramic vases puzzle, you can exchange the gifts craft Rabbit special preparations. Checkpoints too far away, you can also take the first road 'road edge rabbit MRT' around the entire park. Seven technology stocking street, hand make stocking the street was filled with an array of process characteristics of the Rabbit merchandise, the New Year occasion gifts. Children's craft toys, father loved firewood tea tea, mother love handmade patchwork bag \u0026 hellip; and so on. New Year New Year buy, be sure to come take Air Jordan 4 Retro a look around, the rich aesthetics of life at home. If you're tired, there Caotun local fare, available for everyone to taste and enjoy! 'Taiwan Craft aesthetic concept living museum' (located in Taichung City Public Road 'KIMI Eslite Green Park Road' B2F) To make love city life friend can feel the beauty of the process, the setting of the center by the process ─ 'life aesthetics Taiwan Craft During the Pavilion Concept Gallery 'New Year is not closing, launched the' road force rabbit blessing 'Free stroke divination blocks to pumping -24 models Exclusive process divination poems; the second day to the fifth day' Arts rabbit jump hundreds of hands ',' group rabbit downtown street 'DIY experience and other activities; otherwise' Rise good case ─ Souvenir Zone 'to provide the most exquisite creative craftsmen, most feel the work, so you do not have the New Year to visit relatives for the selection of Souvenir trouble. During the Chinese New Year, you are welcome Family size to Research and Development Center, National Taiwan Craft row spring, second day to the fifth day every day wonderful good activities, together to enjoy learning by doing, wandering around in the world of beauty and pleasure craft! Event details please visit the website of the Centre (http://www.ntcri.gov.tw/) or electrical 049-2334141 ext 611, 613 queries.


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