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'Changhua Happiness transfer station' documentary premiere
people have the desire to pursue happiness, to pursue happiness, even their homes, places [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/nike-lunar-haze-c-28.html]Air Jordan 3 Retro[/url] of life suffered, all hard all the expense, because dreams where happiness is where you are! So Changhua county government to work for foreign workers in Taiwan captured the [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/]Nike Shoes[/url] theme of planning 'Changhua happiness Direct Station' documentary about Nino, ROCKETS, Artie and cool sand and other four foreign workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam between employer and documentary work, and today (22) morning premiere in the county court in. Premiere was hosted by Changhua County Deputy Magistrate Yang Zhong, legislators Lin Cang Min Services CEO 林明毅, county labor Director Fang Kecheng, Public Works Director Shi Jie, Wang silver and Lands Commissioner, the Director of Legal Qiu Jin, Comptroller Director Xie Xiuqin, deputy Director of [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/nike-shox-c-5.html]Nike Air Jordan 1[/url] Shox Construction Division 杨丽琴 and Changhua County Newcomers Association Nguyen Hung Shenzhen and other guests attended the meeting. The best version of the documentary will be premiered segment, the film opening by the Mayor Zhuo said Changhua County is a city full of human warmth, since the county team to assist in the policy side, with employers equally at work teaching and encouragement, and in life care and concern, so that across the ocean from the foreign workers and friends worry about their work, so that Changhua transfer station is not only happy, but happy dreams can achieve a good city, and I hope this documentary can power through the mass media, so that people real understanding of foreign workers is part of the industry to fill the gap of human labor, and assist families to alleviate the burden of care of the elderly, to break cultural and language barriers, cultural differences liberation we stereotype, a positive sense of community and help, while promoting Taiwan in international enhance labor human rights front. Deputy Magistrate Yang said Zhuo county since taking office attaches great importance to industrial development, and promote industrial development requires labor friends to help, in addition to foreign domestic workers, foreign workers are our important auxiliary force, foreign workers have 20,006 in Changhua thousand people scattered in various villages and towns to mention, for business and takes care of the family the best service and reasonable wage for foreign workers, with high, simple nature, is a good helper and the employer's enterprise; and the government and employers also foreign workers friends, Changhua County, the county government in order to allow people to better understand and treat foreign workers, so shoot 'Changhua Happiness transfer station,' the documentary, interactive real record four groups of foreign workers and between employers from different countries will in the county wide advocacy, and play in the proper places, and December 24, 25, broadcast [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/air-jordan-others-c-33.html]Nike Air Presto[/url] on television. 'Changhua Happiness transfer station' Documentary Total Duration 42 minutes, shooting a total of four groups of foreign workers and their employers live interactive situation, the shooting team to interview real people, side to write, record, close to capture the real employers and foreign workers in work and life intimate story, through a true record, reflect the trust and labor work force employers of foreign 劳努 Taiwan contribution to the effort, Changhua together for abundant diverse labor value, leaving the video testimony. Today orchestrated premiere events in the elegance of traditional Vietnamese dance to kick off, invite employers and foreign workers participated in the filming go together, 'Changhua. Avenue of Stars' approach, awarded by Yang, deputy magistrate of appreciation, encouragement They enthusiastic participation of documentary filmmaking process, then shouted together, 'Changhua happy transfer station, we are a good helper employers, foreign workers good friend' as the premiere will do perfect ending, lively and warm atmosphere. Labour pointed out that the Changhua county [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/nike-free-c-3.html]Nike Basketball[/url] of 20,000 foreign workers counted 5,865 people, including 8,073 who care worker, manufacturing worker (factory workers) 10,000 7,792 people, visible foreign workers has become an indispensable factor of production human resources . Many foreign friends care efforts, building on the social and Taiwan have made great contributions, but many employers also pay the carrying and caring. Changhua county was established in the Republic of China 84 years the nation's first foreign labor consulting service center, employing Thai, English and Vietnamese staff five people, provide free labor and management advisory services to promote harmonious labor relations, put foreign workers, employers and a bridge between the government and provide a single foreign labor service consultation services, and information-based way to help line service to quickly deal with complaints telephone, immediately sent the case to the local labor authorities to provide local conditions of service, and actively protect employers and rights and interests of foreign workers. Labour also hopes this documentary propaganda through the mass media, so that people on the Employment Service Law, Human Trafficking Prevention Act and other laws and regulations have a correct understanding of [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/nike-heels-boots-c-36.html]Nike Heels Boots[/url] phase to reduce the 'illegal hiring of illegal use' of the number of workers outside the protection of the people employment rights. Government in order to promote public works, in 78 years the Republic of China began to introduce foreign workers, to 80 years and with private companies need to open up the private sector to apply foreign labor, and with the demographic changes and the elderly population increases, and open the welfare of foreign workers So we can see that the progress of the whole Taiwanese society, the transformation of the whole industry, labor is an important auxiliary force. In the era of globalization, economic competition under the Changhua County Government Services team actively outside all successful investment, promotion of industrial development in the occasion, create employment opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of the workplace, will be reduced to the national unemployment rate ranked second; the county to implement 'Changhua go, the world came' policy, recently in the global investment conference held in India, the [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/air-jordan-4-retro-c-29.html]Air Jordan 4 Retro[/url] Changhua are Chinese representatives; just-concluded Shanghai World Expo, at the closing summit on the eve of organized Changhua is also a representative of Taiwan, showing Changhua has unprecedented attention. I believe karma labor friends from different countries, can in the 'Changhua' piece of paradise, through the integration of culture and daily life, and advocacy awareness of the regulations, we expect an authentic record of achievement will leap onto TV documentaries broadcast and media coverage, showing trust in the work force employers of foreign 劳努 foreign Taiwan contribution to the effort, Changhua together for abundant diverse labor value, leaving the witness image. With 'good industry [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/air-jordan-5-retro-c-20.html]Air Jordan 5 Retro[/url] like Changhua, Changhua if good, everyone's life is like income' Changhua [url=http://www.nikeastore.com/nike-air-max-c-4.html]Nike Air Max[/url] Labor and Industry to establish a win-win economic prosperity, foreign labor of my friends, to come to Taiwan to happiness is a group of train for us, this train is decades governments, businesses, and all people living in this land of hard work out a common outcome, we hope to give them more care, so that Changhua not only their life stops, The transfer station is happy. In this county not only on behalf of employers who devotes herself to foreign workers Changhua friends say 'thank you', and also welcomes free to remember 'sit back'!


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