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For this skin you need to get an oil massage

? Ageing and Hair Falling – In 50′s age http://www.footballchiefsonline.com/derrick-thomas-chiefs-jersey/ , Women are undergoing hormonal changes in your body due to menopause, which leads to decline in the female hormone, estrogen, making the male hormone relatively hyperactive. This leads to androgenic alopecia or male pattern balding. Dry skin is one of the other effects of these hormonal changes. For this skin you need to get an oil massage once a week.
? Darker Upper Lips : Lighten Up – A dark upper lips is normal; the lower lip looks pink because of lip biting, which is very common. It is important to break the vicious cycle of lip biting and skin dehydration. For this, try using a petroleum jelly-based lip balm several times a day. Apply a lightening cream containing kojic acid and vitamin C in very small quantities on lip mergins at night.
? Darker underarms – It is embarrassment to use sleeveless tops if your underarms are darker. There are several reasons for darker underarms, using deodorants directly on your skin, hair-removing creams, friction in case of excess weight and an existing hormonal imbalance. Avoid using deodorants directly pn your skin. Use a lightening agent containing mild hydroquinone locally at night. Use in very small quantity and avoid sun exposure while you are using the cream. Dust on an antifungal powder to keep the area dry.
? Oily Skin & Dust – Teenage girls glands are very active, producing sebum in excess which gets deposited on the surface of your skin, making it look oily. It can cause acne. Avoid oily products and preferably use gel-based cosmetics. Mix some calamine in your sunscreen as it will absorb excess oil and keep your skin dry.
? Sugary Foods:
Eating large amount of refined sugar, often found in soft drinks, cakes and chocolate, our bodies produce a surge of insulin, which in turn causes inflammation at a cellular level. Sugar also attaches itself to collagen – the natural protein that keeps our skin smooth – in a process called glycation. This leaves skin feeling stiff and inflexible http://www.footballchiefsonline.com/aaron-murray-chiefs-jersey/ , and looking wrinkled and older.
? Simple Carbohydrates:
It’s not just sweets you need to try to cut down on. Other simple carbohydrates – starchy foods that
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