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I think this really is more a matter of how slow can we want PvE

That’s a fair and line of reasoning but I kind of accept Máz here, inside sense that people can’t compare Conquest to Valor as though we were holding exactly within the same league, they’re quite different.The conquest get caught up enables you to find some extra points as a way to buy some initial Tyrannical items of gear in the heart of the summer season, the only other alternative is usually to farm honor and find Malevolent or craft some blue gear.
In PvE, finances a good amount of other alternatives for “making up ground” in terms of gear while not having to waste any Valor Points, there are Heroic Scenarios, LFR, Challenge Modes, and also Arenas and RBGs… because PvP gear is really decent to step into PvE since PvP stats like PvP Power are from the ilvl budget.
Although ilvl of most of the gear are going to be under normal mode raiding gear or valor gear, they furnish great upgrades at zero cost to the people who’ve been away for a long time, letting them quickly overtake the present PvE content somewhat faster.
But, like I said, I still think it is a totally reasonable argument, and possibly devs can ponder over it for future updates, first let’s discover how the PvP get up to date determines for anyone so we’ll repose on and consider other possibilities following that.
I think this really is more a matter of how slow can we want PvE players to trap program current content, and not if we would like those to catch up by any means, as there are already plenty of ways to enable them to make it happen. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums).   jjldf989
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