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Solicit public selection panel selection and the city signed Lin Feng finally given the name, the sponsorsNike Shoes may not participate in the selection results dissent. (V) to obtain a final decision of naming and naming the copyright and ownership of meaning and creative thinking of the Environmental Protection Agency owned by the Taipei government, in addition to prize money are not allowed to Taipei government Environmental Protection Agency claims other rights, the Taipei government Environmental Protection Agency may, based on copyright use the relevant provisions of law. (F) prohibits indecent vocabulary or copied, imitated or plagiarized others named, organizers reserve the right to delete offending sponsors, if by any of the above circumstances, the abolition of their winning status, Nike Shox Air Jordan 5 Retro recovered bonus, which has involved the relevant and infringement of copyright liability when third-party rights, noted the responsibility of the sponsors themselves, almost nothing to do with the Taipei government Environmental Protection Agency. (Vii) Where the registration proposer is deemed to agree to and comply with the requirements of this competition matters, and should respect the judging panel of professional appraisal, may not have objections to the results of the review; awards by the judging panel, as the level Air Jordan 3 Retro of the participants agreed that the work necessary when able 'from the lack of' apply. (Viii) The proposal of naming suggestions to be presented this park functions Nike Heels Boots and combine local characteristics better. (For future reference detailed Nike Basketball features of this park in Taipei 30,000 yuan, more than 2000 yuan prize awarded to Nike Air Presto selected candidates. (B) In the same naming proposals have selected different sponsors, prize awarded to explain the proposal and more complete service, sponsored by the Taipei government to the Environmental Protection Agency. (C) the prize worth more than NT $ 20,000 yuan who, according to the Income Tax Act for an advance of 10% withholding tax. No more than twenty thousand yuan were withheld without prior, but still file income tax returns. The tax payable Air Jordan 1 prizes, shall be borne by the winners themselves. (Iv) the date the case is scheduled for presentation Shanchuku repopulation park opening day, but the Taipei government is subject to the Environmental Protection Agency to change the status of state. Six copyright regulations and remarks :( a) Naming works are non-refundable regardless of whether or not member, if necessary backup retained by the authors themselves in advance. (B) Selected works named after sponsors, their economic rights and moral rights shall let all the Taipei government and the Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Air Jordan 4 Retro Agency authorized the use of the Taipei government, the authors shall not exercise the moral rights. (C) the use of the works selected and finally won, the Taipei government retains the right to amend the Environmental Protection Agency, the authors may not object. (D) Winner shall pay the relevant taxes in accordance with the Income Tax Act. (E) Winner of information to fill in the registration form content-based, make sure the information is correct; if theNike Air Max information is not correct cause can not be contacted, is deemed a waiver, the organizers will not be responsible. (F) registration entrants deemed..


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