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Losing property thorny monuments of historic buildings Kinmen county government yesterday held a historic building restoration aid award review committee meeting, originally intended to review the 'straight from the first' and 'Zhang Zhang old house full of' two application cases, since the first meeting, members are believed to be entering into Air Jordan 5 Retro a complete breakdown assistance, so will Cultural Affairs Bureau of the resolution until after the breakdown of the subsidy set out a clear, re-examined. Award for restoration of historic buildings to help review committee meeting yesterday morning ten o'clock false floor conference room of Cultural Affairs, chaired by the deputy magistrate Air Jordan 3 Retro Yang Zhong whole, the participants there are: construction director Li by Choi, cultural director Li Xilong, Department of Cultural Affairs Secretary Yang Jia-shun, Section Chief 郭朝晖Architects Fu Jen and regions famous 'land navy', 'big wood division,' et al. Yang Zhong-chuen, said many monuments area are quite rare, but because of many factors property rights, has been unable to carry out repairs, he believes, if then allowed to neglect it, a lot of valuable historic buildings probably will disappear, hope that the relevant personnel conduct more outreach and understanding , a Nike Shoes build up to maintain these precious objects. Yesterday's meeting was supposed to review the 'straight from the first' two application cases and 'Zhang Zhang old house full', but first of all members present to discuss the magnitude of subsidies Nike Air Max and rules for the project, members said, the county government for the implementation of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act twenty-six provisions of the first paragraph, in order to encourage residents to participate in restoration of historic buildings, special set 'Kinmen County historic building restoration award private aid approach ', although the maximum subsidy ceiling of NT $ 5 million, but did not grant breakdown set out in the future probably will generate funds to write off troubled. It was also suggested that if the amplitude again be discussed for the Nike Air Presto subsidy, the existing measures should not exceed half of the award in order to help funding, mainly to avoid a number of related laws and regulations, or if more than half of grant funding, the government will have to go through the bidding, contracting procedures, but Many inviting trouble. After thorough discussion, the last full 裁示 Yang Zhong, Department of Cultural Affairs shall, within two weeks, 'Kinmen County private historic building restoration award aid approach' grants breakdown, review of rules set out to serve as the basis for future write-off expenses. In addition, the establishment of historic buildings as soon as possible a working group responsible for handling the trial, operations related businesses. Cultural Affairs Bureau said the historic building has its own importance in the repair subsidy portion toward the original style, in principle, the original construction method to repair currently promulgated by the 'Kinmen County historic building restoration award private aid approach', according to standardized way, Kinmen County has logged announcement and did not apply for restoration of historic buildings other award of aid, this Nike Shox approach may, in accordance quantity requirements of the grant application, and according to the shape and size of the building, set three levels, which grants the following criteria: a first Grade: up to NT $ 5 million grant. In the traditional courtyard type, including two lone guard dragon (or convex Regulation), a double off the four beech protects the dragon (or convex Regulation), three down, two down two protects the dragon (or convex Nike Heels Boots Regulation), six-way big house or larger shapes traditional buildings. In Western-style classes (including 番仔 house) aspect, one hundred and twenty square meters of the building (including outbuildings) construction area exceeded. Second, the second stage: the upper limit of subsidy of NT $ 4 million. In the traditional courtyard type, including two off, three cover gallery, a single drop four beech protects the dragon (or convex profile) and the like. In Western-style classes (including 番仔 house) aspect, the building area over 80 square meters, the building of one hundred and twenty square meters or less (including outbuildings). Third, the third stage: the upperAir Jordan 4 Retro limit of subsidy of NT $ 2.5 million yuan. In traditional courtyard categories, including Dacuo body (train), a single hand, a fall two elm, a fall four beech, a single drop two beech protects the dragon (or single convex regulation) or other small shape buildings, etc. . In Western-style classes (including 番仔 house) aspect, the construction area of ​​the building eighty square meters or less (including outbuildings). Grant each grade of the Nike Basketball preceding paragraph, the applicant shall not be less than the total from fund-raising project costs 50 per cent; the ratio of its subsidy ceiling roof, wall, floor and other sub-projects are as follows: First, the roof cap subsidy, up to a maximum half of the total subsidy ceiling. Second, the external walls of the upper limit of subsidy can not exceed one-quarter of the total subsidy caps. Third, subsidies floor ceiling, a maximum of one sixth of the total subsidy caps. Fourth, other parts of the upper limit of the grant, a maximum of one twelfth of the total ceiling of the subsidy. Not be included in the above architectural form or by special circumstances, the Kinmen County private historic building restoration grant review committee will consider the case in accordance with the first item of each grade. The award aid under these Regulations apply for restoration, shall submit the following documents to the Kinmen County Government review: a review form. Second, the application. Third, the applicant identity documents. Fourth, the land register transcripts. Fifth, cadastral maps transcripts. Sixth, the land use right consent or custodian era of tubes Affidavit (occupied by Mianfu). Seven Affidavit. Eight, historical data tables. Nine, currently housing repair program book ︻ condition, building location map, flat, vertical, section, detail photo, detail a large sample, project repair design, engineering Air Jordan 1 repairs for proposals (with quantity calculation formula), repair of Cheng, Roster ︼ craftsmen. And this award means to help applicants must be noted that one of the buildings required to apply for aid awards has been announced for the award and did not apply for other aid to repair historic buildings in order to qualify, applicants must have since followed and fundraising not less than fifty percent of the total project costs, and the third is the subsidy payments are grants quantity needed repair, the fourth should fix according to the original style and traditional engineering methods to repair and, finally, the applicant must fill out a way to help accordance Award After the relevant information, Kinmen County Department of Cultural Affairs to apply again. Restorers who wish to apply may contact diameter Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau Cultural Heritage Division Miss Zeng Tel: 082-328638 turn 420, or to download an application Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau website Information Form (www.kmccc.edu.tw).


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