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Fusion rivers sea element characteristics of the park one hundred yuan fare back over the summer live music should speak for even high Ruixin Lan rain Wuqiao Acrobatic Kung Fu Zhen Song Festival in Taiwan long-awaited domestic watched most anticipated summer events -2009 Yilan International Rain Festival orchid lively debut! This session invite popular singers ultra high even as activity Ruixin spokesperson, the county millions to build Lan Yu Festival theme song 'Rain Air Jordan 1 with you'  Wuqiao Acrobatic Troupe make us breathtaking, known as China's first-day mission acrobatics, Air Jordan 3 Retro Wuqiao Acrobatics has a long history, superb, talent Art Institute of Chicago, the so-called 'on to 99, will go down to just Wuqiao acrobat, everyone Marketer.' This year Taiwan repertoire novel, Our skillful, performing thrilling, strange humor, connection staged scenes stimulus program, which satisfy the needs of the audience senses, to fully experience the oriental acrobatics look. We long Lv Guohua county followed by European nobility prince modeling debut, trailer blue rain summer festival for people across the country to create a happy fantasy castle, three park facilities and activities, never let visitors enjoy the aristocracy, and memorable, but in insist on value for money fares, divided into: unanimous one hundred yuan (non-county nationals the general public), tickets eighty yuan (group tickets, student tickets, etc.), half-price ticket Nike Heels Boots fifty yuan (general prefecture, non-county Membership sixty-five or older), after the event began selling Nike Air Maxtickets scenic location on Dongshan River Water Park, Wu Laokeng have ticket scenic spot to celebrate the opening day of July 11, all three parks Nike Basketball free tour! The new attack blue rain section 3 major theme parks, the leading elegance: Bit in Dongshan River Park Galaxy Dream with 'night park' concept, 'water', 'Star', 'Dream' against the background of the three elements of a peaceful, beautiful Dongshan River Park environmental characteristics, creating a galaxy sleepless sweet atmosphere, with elegant melody fluttering, colorful water dance performances, fireworks radiance bright, colorful stars dotted the river flows slowly, like being in a dream fairy tale castle, together compose a 'Dongshan Fantasy Galaxy 'beautiful music! Dongshan pushing three main priorities: (1) 'River Moonlight Star Magic City' (2) 'Dream Stage Arts and enjoy the blue rain' (3) 'colorful Zhongxinggongyue' to build close and interactive fantasy mood, shaping Taiwan biggest fantasy kingdom. Dongshan characteristics combine, pushing the main river swim Air Jordan 5 Retroat night tours, Enchanted Forest, light environment, the river of love, sky walks, to build close and interactive fantasy mood, shaping Taiwan's largest Magic Kingdom. Invite internationally renowned during the opening of the park Wuqiao Acrobatic Troupe and South Korea Nanta show and other performing arts groups and Taiwan's only water castle dance music show performances, show pluralistic outlook blue rain Day and Night elegance. Ao Wu Chakeng familiar forest adventure parks to mountain, river and rainwater for the image, the main swimming and streams, gaming, creative showcase, planning various activities related to the topic, and create a rustic charm, stimulate creative and cultural summer festive atmosphere, allowing visitors to immerse yourself in the beautiful waters between art show elegance, fun and streams of the game, feel the charm of Lan Yang rain, to experience 'Yule Town,' 'Summer BuBu car', ' donuts and streams ',' adventure zone and streams, 'and other park facilities charm. During the event invitation QINGCHENG long mouth pot Kung Fu tea ceremony group, Ivory Coast inspired the orchestra, Egypt swing dance orchestra, Lan Yang Dance Group and other famous resident performing arts groups; people can Air Jordan 4 Retro roam the mountains Nike Shoes and Nike Shox streams, to the intellectual Broadwood trip tour. Ebullient vitality marine park head outside Australia, has rapidly risen in Taiwan's hottest new Surfers Paradise, surfers flocked during the holidays, this area is planning to beach, sea-based activities. Port in Toucheng Wushi sunny girl theme events selection, surfing contest, Wushi summer solstice festival, seawall graffiti contest, street dance contest, Lan Yu Pop Festival, held more spectacular beach wedding, for the new romantic witness; normal Experience activities include sand sculptures, a chain Kwu, beach volleyball, paintball, sailing, bow and arrow shooting experience, in order to liven up the atmosphere. To early to allow people to experience the charm of blue rain festival, at 9:00 on July 9 to 15:00 Wu Chakeng park free trial; at 13:00 on the 10th to 20:00 Dongshan River Park open trial, in which 19 began, specially invited Wuqiao Troupe organized a charity Nike Air Presto show field, we welcome with preview. Magistrate Lu pointed out, 'Yang Lan Yu' deeply imprinted in the hearts of every person in Ilan, Ilan water elements and life, cultural characteristics closely, through the 'blue rain Festival' activities designed to welcome people across the country came to Yilan Broadwood an entire summer, feeling 'fresh water' Ilan. Point I see -2009 Yilan International Rain Festival orchid activities the United States, the United States and the United States reported the website 2009 Yilan International Rain Festival official website http://rain-festival.e-land.gov.tw/releaseRedirect.do?unitID=201\u0026pageID=36702009 blue Ilan International Lan Yu Festival Official Blog http://rainfestival2009.pixnet.net/blog first city park


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